About us

Welcome to our dental off!

We just want to make you feel at home!

Our philosophical goals:

  • To provide unique and individualized dental care

  • To educate and inform patients on safer dental protocols

  • To offer a compassionate approach towards patients and their needs

Highly Trained Dental Team

With over 100 years of combined experience, our highly qualified staff are happy to help.

We devote significant resources to a highly active and effective peer review process ensuring the greatest quality of care and safety for our patients. We place patient care ahead of profitability.

Our Staff

D.D.S. Kenia Sanchez

D.D.S. Jairo Vega

D.D.S. Hovani Gavilanes

D.D.S. Emmanuel Pérez

D.D.S. Francisco Villa

D.D.S. Carlos Corella